Jennifer Aniston Accidentally Told A Sex Toy Joke To A Group Of Disabled Children

Bit of a cringe

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There's an unspoken rule that every sane British TV personality adheres to, which is: when Pudsey Bear's bandaged-up mug appears in the corner of the screen, sex jokes are firmly off the table.

So lend a thought for poor Jennifer Aniston, who decided to crack wise about sex toys on a 'Children in Need' edition of The One Show - mere moments before a group of disabled children, listening backstage, were set to walk onscreen.

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The US actress was on the show to discuss her upcoming movie Office Christmas Party alongside director Josh Gordon.

The cringe-worthy moment came after Gordon started to compare Aniston's real life persona to her roles as Rachel in Friends and her sex-crazed character in Horrible Bosses.

The director declared that she was "a little bit of both", before Aniston cut in with "just without the sex toys."

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And then, a few moments later, this happened.