The BBC Is Trying To Make ISIS Funny... And It's Not Going Well

Bit risky, guys

The BBC has been criticised for trying to turn ISIS into a comedy vehicle... and it's not being particularly well received.

Titled The Real Housewives of ISIS, the new BBC2 sketch forms part of a comedy show called Revolting, written by Bafta-winning directors Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein.

In a scene from the show, one of the wives appears wearing a new suicide jacket, as others record her 'outfit' for Instagram.

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"Oh babe, you look gorgeous!" her friend tells her, before telling the camera in an aside: "She looked MASSIVE. You're gonna need a lot of Semtex to kill that one."

So far the reception has been mixed, with viewers either praising the broadcaster's satirical spirit, or questioning whether terrorism can be made, you know, funny?

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A BBC spokeswoman, Kate Toft, said the broadcaster was not commenting on the show "other than to say that it's satire and the BBC has a rich history of satire."

In an interview with i , one of the show's writers, Jolyon Rubinstein, has defended the sketch, saying: "It's important not to pull your punches in satire.

"You have to be fearless or it undermines your credibility."