Harry Styles' Mick Jagger Impression Isn't As Terrible As You Might Think

Actually, it's not too bad at all

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While any Saturday Night Live celebrity impressions skit inevitably comes with a heavy dose of 'trying too hard' (Please stop, Alec Baldwin... please), Harry Styles' attempt to mimic the inimitable Mick Jagger wasn't as much of a burning train wreck as you might first fear.

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Along with performing that pretty flat new song of his that some people tried to compare to Bowie (why? Because they're both British and have voices?), Harry also stepped up to the plate during a skit, where he did a passable job of impersonating Mick's trademark mannerisms, as well as aiming some self-deprecating barbs at his own fledgling solo career.

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While you'd be forgiven for hitting skip on his tracks when they pop up on your Spotify feed, it's worth paying attention to Mr Styles' burgeoning style credentials, which saw him opt for a retro, wide-lapel double-breasted suit in heavy checks for his performance. While earlier he was spotted in a Saint Laurent Hawaiian shirt with a very on-trend camp collar.