What The Official Photos From 'Eastwatch' Tells Us About The Next Episode Of 'Game OF Thrones'

A brief analysis

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You'd think Team Dany would be popping open a bottle of Dornish red to celebrate their victory over the Lannisters in 'The Spoils of War'.

But no, looking at these official pictures from forthcoming episode 'Eastwatch' it looks like everyone in Westeros is worried about something, whether its their missing brother, increasingly mad leader or - in Sam's case - probably being asked to hand bath some geriatric maesters at the Citadel.

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Here's the pics. No sign of Gendry yet.

Tyrion's doing the eyebrow thing, presumably because he's worried about Jamie.
Back at Dragonstone, Tyrion's still worried.
Cersei's worried too. We're going to go with Jamie as the reason why.
Just another night of Netflix and quill for Sam and Gilly, who don't appear too worried
Jon's worried though! But then, when isn't he?
Varys here, still worrying about the Red Woman's 'you're gonna die' line
Dany's advisers, probably discussing how they're worried she's gone a bit *does the finger circle at the temple thing*