Fox News Reporter Accidentally Interviews Smartest Man In The World, Goes Viral

"It's crossing the 80th meridian, which is 80 degrees west longitude"

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Amid the chaos of hurricane Irma, weather reporters have been risking life and limb to capture footage of the storm and keep people updated.

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Yesterday afternoon, Fox News were bravely reporting from Miami Beach where they asked a random local resident the simple question: " What do you think about the storm and the risk to your own safety at this point?"

Obviously expecting either a generic "Oh I dunno man, it's really scary we had to board up our windows" or some doomsday prophecy of "We're going to lose everything we have" to help spike ratings, one thing he didn't expect was to have randomly sampled one of the world's leading hurricane experts.

He responded: "Well at this point I am very relieved to discover that as we speak the eye of the storm is practically due south of us by 220 miles because it's crossing the 80th meridian which is 80 degrees west longitude."

Don't worry, we didn't listen in geography class either.

Evidently raging at being upstaged on the biggest storm of his weather reporting life, the reporter tries to reply with some less profound storm insight but no, our man was not done.

"Well not just westbound, it was 275 degrees, that's only one-fifteenth above due west toward true north," he interjected. "So this thing is moving and has been moving in a very westerly direction and because it is several hundred miles south the risks are less and less."

"I am not worried, I don't think it is going to get much worse than what we are seeing right here," he added undramatically.

This was the final straw for the Fox reporter who will surely never see a backwards cap as the marker of an average man again. Twitter picked up on his hostility and obvious fury at having picked a random passerby with a masters in meteorology.

Some were also concerned about Elmo taking on such big responsibilities at Fox.