David Beckham's Breakfast Involves A Truly Intimidating Amount Of Vinegar

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Victoria Beckham has given her fans a glimpse into what a typical breakfast looks like in the Beckham household.

Yesterday, the 43-year-old fashion designer shared some pictures of her home-made meals for her family which features a lot of green juices, vegetables and... vinegar.

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Posting one snap of her whipping up breakfast for her brood in which she captioned a picture of a bottle of vinegar "be brave! 2 tbsp first thing on an empty tummy," she then uploaded a video of herself making a "green monster" smoothie.

But first: VINEGAR.

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In another post to the social media platform, the former Spice Girl snapped a picture of Ezekiel 4:9 cereal, described as "sprouted grain crunchy cereal," which she revealed her kids love.

Last week, the designer shared her go-to after-school snack was a tray of mixed nuts, pine nuts and pumpkin seeds, doused in organic Aminos.

However, it appears Victoria isn't the only Beckham that's handy in the kitchen, as her 12-year-old son later posted a video to Instagram of his famous dad fixing the freezer.

From: Delish