America Thinks That It Just Invented The Sausage Roll

Puff dogs? PUFF DOGS?

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In terms of culinary innovation, the US is light years ahead of any other nation on Earth. Squeezy cheese. Deep-fried butter. The KFC Double-Down sandwich. We have nothing but respect for their artery-clogging craft.

But we refuse to let them lay claim to the sausage roll. That we simply cannot countenance.

A little context: American supermarket Trader Joe's recently released their "twist on the class dog-meets-dough pairing of a hot dog [...] swaddled in a perfectly flaky-when-cooked puff pastry."

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They call it the "Puffdog", and what's more, they label the idea "pretty genius."

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The i100 reports that American websites have gone made for the groundbreaking snack. Yahoo and HelloGiggles labelled it "genius", Refinery29 said they were "fancier versions of pigs in a blanket — which we LOVE", and Real Simple called it "your go-to summer appetiser".

Try to let the rage subside. Go outside and have a little breather, because Brits have already taken to Twitter to have their say: