Not To Be Mean, But Phil Neville Just Tweeted His Breakfast And It's Made Us Really Sad

Phil, that's drier than Bill Murray in the Sahara

Poor, poor Phil Neville.

Despite being a pretty successful guy in his own right, he's always paled in comparison with brother Gary – and not just on the field, either.

Gary has made strides in the punditry game since retirement, arguably shaking up the entire industry with his in-depth analysis, whereas Phil hasn't exactly made waves.

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But one thing Phil does have over his brother is breakfasts! He's very proud of his ability to order a decent fry-up, you see – so proud that he was willing to post it to his followers on Twitter and lap up the adoratio… oh. Oh no.

It's the breakfast equivalent of this video:

Needless to say, Twitter had a lot to say about the offending dish:

Poor, poor Phil Neville.