Wine for the weekend - Amani Cabernet Franc-Merlot 2007

The Arch hotel launched last night; it was an excellent party. Too good in fact. And too much time was spent in the martini lounge. So it's with aching head in hand that we make this week's recommendation - Amani: a gutsy kill-or-cure red from Stellenbosch, South Africa. Clocking in at 14.5%, it's all you would expect from a cab franc/merlot blend: lush red fruits (blackberries and cherries), liquorice and spice. Tannins are smooth and silky, making for a well-balanced mouthful. It's a high-impact wine for 15 quid, and one that has made us sit up and take notice of this boutique winery. Serve with steak. £14.50 at

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