Egg-cellent news — Mottra sustainable caviar


It might have taken eye-opening documentaries such as The End Of The Line to bring it to our attention, but the idea of the world without fish is a pretty terrifying place (plaice?). So we were delighted that Mottra  — the world’s only sustainable caviar, launched at Selfridges this week — allows us to return, guilt-free, to salivating over a favourite delicacy.

For those interested in the science bit: the farmed sturgeon are “massaged” rather than killed to extract the caviar, and are then allowed to continue to breed; no hormones are used, and the water the fish swim in comes from deep artesian wells. As if this wasn’t reason enough to indulge, Mottra is extremely reasonable – just £60 for 5og of Osetra caviar at Selfridges

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