Introducing: The Black Eyed MaccaPeas

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Here at Esquire, we love to debate the hot topics of the day: swine flu, green shoots, and the relative merits of the Black Eyed Peas (gym = yes; everywhere else = for-the-love-of-mankind-make-it-stop). But we're always pleased to have a second opinion, especially when it comes from one of our favourite bands, The Maccabees.

Obviously they weren't expressing an opinion per se when they covered the Peas' recent single "Boom Boom Pow" on Jo Wiley's Live Lounge, but by the time they're 1 min 10 secs in, we reckon Fergie and's lyrical flair has not gone unnoticed (but come on, who wouldn't want to sing a heartfelt tribute to high-definition, flat-screen televisions?). Orlando Weeks, drop the beat now!