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Kit | The World's Best Cheese Knife

Do you love cheese? No, do you really love cheese? Then, we've found a couple of knives that will almost certainly change your life. 
Sure, you can cut cheese with just about any knife - but some things have to be done the right way. And this knife, developed by Cedric Ragot for French coutelier Henri Mazelier, does it the right way and then some.
Henri Mazelier had never made knives before so they reached out to Ragot for his expertise. The results of their collaboration is a duo of cheese knives called 'Le Petit Couteau a Fromage' and 'Le Grand Cocteau a Fromage' (small cheese knife and large cheese knife - although you should obviously use the French versions for maximum pomposity).
The knives use a polished laser-cut steel blade and a magnetic base, which attaches itself to the cheese board. Some might say that it's a lot of effort to go through for some cheese. But then again, anyone who says that clearly doesn't really love cheese like you do.