This Yankee Fan's Marriage Proposal Went Painfully Wrong

Every guy's worst nightmare.

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Instead of focusing on the game, baseball fans at New York's Yankee stadium found themselves rooting for a guy in the crowd on Tuesday night. 

29-year-old Andrew Fox had carefully planned the moment he was going to propose to his girlfriend Heather during the Yankees vs Boston Red Sox game, ESPN reports. As part of his surprise, he arranged for a message to appear on the ground's big screen. It was a brave move, and it didn't go smoothly. 

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Just as the cameras turned to him, Andrew got down on one knee only to find the engagement ring was no where to be seen. And yes, the entire stadium was watching.

"I literally started crying because I thought it was lost," he told ESPN. "It happened so fast."

After a few minutes of hysteria and frantic searching, the missing ring was found right where they were standing, inside the turn up of his girlfriend's jeans. An announcement went out to the crowd, and the panic was over. 

Best of all, Heather said "yes."

Even in by sports standards, that was an impressive last minute victory.