Taking A Selfie Whilst High-Fiving Yourself: The Craze That Will Make You Want To Cry

Throw ya phone in the air, like you just don't care

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In case you had run out of different ways of taking picture of yourself, a genius by the name of Seth Schneider has come up with a way you probably haven't tried.

The student from North Carolina tweeted an image of himself taking a selfie whilst high-fiving himself, the ultimate act of self-congratulation. What is a self-five you ask? We had to look it up too:

self five
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The ideal situation to take a photo of yourself? Schneider thought so:

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Naturally the internet got carried away and recreated his feat of excellence with mixed results:

Schneider has already changed his Twitter bio to include the disclaimer, "I am not responsible for any broken phones." Clearly a crack legal team have already been enlisted.

No need to imagine the imaginative depths this joke has, this is likely just the beginning (of the end).