The 8 Pieces Of Advice You Should Never, Ever Take (According To The Internet)

Thank you oh wise internet

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A bottomless resource for cat memes, woodworking tips and whatever other mad thing you're into, Reddit is a place where the world can come together to share, debate, learn and generally get away from doing any meaningful work. It can also dish out some sage advice from time-to-time.

In a recent Ask Reddit thread, the question posed to the internet was this: "What's actually bad advice, but sounds good?" Here we pick out our favourites, because sometimes you really should give up on your dreams.

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Do take no for an answer sometimes

And don't live every day like it's your last

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Don't wait around

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Sweat the small stuff

Honesty isn't always the best policy

Know when to give up

Life just sucks sometimes

And... definitely don't do this