Tech We Want This Week: Blue Lola, The Headphones Inspired By Formula One Racing

Not your average set of cans

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The £200+ end of the over-ear headphones market is already a crowded place. Anyone going head-to-head with Beats and Bose needs to stand out. 

Lola, by US studio audio brand Blue Microphones, certainly do that. Most obviously by the four-point multi-jointed construction, something the brand says was inspired by Formula One race cars. This allows the arms to pivot and to stay perfectly parallel at all times. You can also extend them downwards so you can wear these cans round your neck when they're not in use. 

Eye-catching design is nothing without decent sound, of course. And here Lola also delivers, with custom 50mm drivers and cups that are both large and deep but fit tight to the ears. A worthy addition to the market.