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Buy of the Week | The Girlfriend-Friendly Jumper

Buy of the Week | The Girlfriend-Friendly Jumper

Ever wanted to buy a jumper for you and your girlfriend simultaneously? Today's your lucky day.

Unisex clothing is hit and miss. Mostly miss. It might be something to do with the fact that women's and men's bodies are different and therefore require different tailoring techniques, or that unisex clothing is really designed for androgynous boys. A bit like Ron Burgundy's Sex Panther cologne, '60% of the time it works every time'. There are exceptions however.

And that exception, is the humble jumper. This Unisex Cable Knit, for example, by Peter Jensen, the Danish born designer who launched his London based label back in 1999.

Despite being known for his womenswear, he actually started out in menswear and given his success in both arenas, it's no surprise that he knows what can be unisex and what can't.

While you could buy this cable knit jumper (Other shop, £225) for yourself and tell your girlfriend you can share it, we recommend buying it for her in your size.

'Isn't the oversized look in fashion?' you can say when feigning surprise that it fits you like a glove. It's a foolproof strategy - unless she reads this article.