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Shopwatch | Oliver Sweeney's Shoe Tattoos

Shopwatch | Oliver Sweeney's Shoe Tattoos

Oliver Sweeney's pop-up - 'Tatt0o Your Shoe' - shop is back for a second stint on Selfridges' first floor men's shoe department. 

After the success of last year's bespoke ink station, which saw the brand double sales, the pop-up has returned with a more diverse range of shoe decorating tips and inspiration.

This year, in addition to 'Tattoo Your Shoe', the pop-up will be giving you two further options,  including Tamponato (which even the most established of footwear connoisseurs may be forgiven for not being familiar with) and a choice of coloured laces.

Tamponato is the Italian art of hand-colouring shoes, where colour is applied in layers to raw leather using brushes and sponges.  This gives the shoes an antique patina and allows the use of different colours and hand painted designs under the tamponato surface.

"We’ve seen a huge rise in the demand for bespoke services across menswear over the past few years," said Selfridges Buying Manager, Richard Sanderson, "and Sweeney’s unique take on customisation has been a refreshing addition to the department”.

The complete set of services, which runs until August 19, are free when you purchase any pair of Oliver Sweeney shoes from Selfridges

Words by Will Cooper