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The Collaboration | McNairy and Billionaire Boys Club

The Collaboration | McNairy and Billionaire Boys Club

It's perfectly understandable if you look at Billionaire Boys Club and immediately think 'I'm just too old for all that now'. Well, BBC have grown up too. 

For one, they've started making shoes. Proper shoes as well, not those hybrids that sneakerheads are so fond of.

Teaming with Mark McNairy, they've created a small collection of boots at Sander's Northampton factory.

As you'd expect with McNairy, the soles are bright enough for Stevie Wonder to see but that aside, they're surprisingly unfussy. It's taken you a while Pharrell (and you still look like a thirteen year old), but it looks like you've finally learnt how to take things down a notch. Bravo.