Breitling's Avenger Watch Is The Highest Mark Of Precision

The super-tough military-influenced timepiece reports for duty

Since 1884, Swiss watch marque Breitling has crafted fine timepieces, many of them to function alongside aeronautical endeavours. Take its 1962 Navitimer Cosmonaute: made for astronaut Scott Carpenter's Aurora 7 mission, the watch featured a 24-hour dial so Carpenter could tell night from day while orbiting Earth.

Equally as impressive is Breitling's Emergency. Fitted with a device which can emit a 121.5 MHz distress frequency, it saved the lives of two British explorers after their helicopter crashed off Antarctica in 2003. Breitling's latest offering is the Avenger Hurricane Military.

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Limited to 1,000 pieces, the jet-black 50mm watch is constructed from Breitlight, an ultra-sturdy, lightweight material three times lighter than titanium (and five times lighter than steel). Anti-magnetic, anti-allergenic, super scratch-resistant and waterproof to 100m, the watch features a chronograph movement that displays 24-hour time. It's also COSC-certified, the highest mark of precision excellence.

50mm Breitlight Avenger Hurricane Military on military rubber strap, £7,875;