The Suiting Evolution Of 9 Modern Style Icons

It wasn't always so easy

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Looking sharp in a suit might seem like a relatively straightforward fashion win: Blazer + trousers + shirt +/- tie + shoes = profit? But even the most stylish guys have had a few shockers in their time.

Take a look at our list of 9 modern style icons who have managed to take their tailoring from the damp, mouldy cellar of menswear right up to the pantheon of personal style.

Plus one who just can't seem to get it right, no matter how many chances you give him.

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David Beckham (2003 & 2016)

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While he might now opt for a wardrobe full of charcoal, black and navy classics, there was a time where Dave wore chicken korma-coloured shoes and the most 2003 suit imaginable. Bask mortals in its linen flow and silver-crucifixed glory.

"Is that, is that a scoop neck t-shirt?" we hear you weep.

What a turnaround.

Daniel Craig (2008 & 2015)

Daniel Craig has gone from a jaded uncle at a registry office third wedding to the epitome of 007, all thanks to a decent cut of suit. It's hard to believe that he's 7 years older in the picture on the right.

Jon Hamm (2008 & 2016)

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For a man who made his name playing a needle sharp ad exec' in Mad Men, it took Jon Hamm plenty of time to pick up the slack with his own style.

Usain Bolt (2012 & 2016)

In the space of just four years, Usain Bolt has gone from 'biggest name in sixth form' to legitimate style inspiration. Yet another example of why you should never don the black shirt when dressing up.

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Michael Fassbender (2006 & 2016)

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On the left: Young politician, slightly haphazard, but with a big heart and lofty ambitions. Committed to his constituency. On the right: the guy who's dating Alicia Vikander and is one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Will Smith (2004 & 2016)

We'll just leave this one here to be examined in your own good time.

No rush.

Ryan Reynolds (2004 & 2016)

Irrefutably those are the worst shoes to have ever been made. There's no question. It's unequivocal. The worst shoes.

And that's not even considering all the rest of Ryan Reynold's look (that tie... Jesus wept), which is, thankfully, unrecognisable today thanks to his trust in solid navy tailoring.

Tom Hardy (2003 & 2015)

If you're ever feeling a bit insecure, just remember there was a time where Tom Hardy wore a graphic t-shirt and a trucker hat to a premiere.

Now look at him.

Look at him!

Lewis Hamilton (2007 & 2016)

Hahahaha, only joking.

Money, taste. We're sure there's a phrase that covers that?