An Analysis Of Tinie Tempah's Recent Obsession With Flamboyant Suits

Could you pull this off too? In a word: no

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Before we begin, we'd like to clarify that we here at Esquire are big fans of Tinie Tempah's style. He is one of those rare men with the ability to look equally well turned out in both flamboyant tailoring and high-end streetwear. A man with an effortless grasp of fits, trends and mixing fabrics. But, after looking at the three suits he's worn most recently, we have some questions.

Questions like: has Tinie Tempah gone too far this time? Has he flown too close to the sun of risky style? Is he Icarus? Can there be such a thing as 'too much' when it comes to pushing the boundaries of suiting? Do these rules apply to a man as suave as he?

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Let's break each one down.

Suit Number 1

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  • The wide lapel and unstructured cut of blazer works well with the slightly looser shape of trousers.
  • Gucci loafers = trendy right now.


  • Probably a few too many undone buttons there for our liking.
  • Potential to look like a character from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Suit Number 2


  • Another strong footwear showing with the lesser-spotted velvet loafers
  • Excellent fit
  • Good use of the gold watch to add a bit of flash to his accessories.

Cons (maybe)

  • Is the extra bold houndstooth just too aggressive, too flamboyant, too much for eveningwear? Probably.
  • Bono wants his glasses back.

Suit Number 3


  • Tinie is one of the best when it comes to wearing white trainers with tailoring, and this is no exception.
  • Solid cut, yet again.
  • The white Tee is another easy win when sported with trainers and the more casual-look and fit of his suit.


  • It's so orange.
  • It's very orange.
  • It's probably too orange.
  • Definitely.

Closing statement

Don't buy orange or pink suits... even if you're Tinie Tempah.