Daniel Craig Shows You How Not To Wear A Leather Jacket

Is it a blazer? Is it a leather jacket? Who knows

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Let's talk about leather jackets: definitely one of the trickiest menswear items to pull-off, but when worn well (monochrome, black jeans, boots, don't overthink it), a timeless piece that will improve with wear and age; an item that can transform a simple jeans and tee outfit into something far more interesting.

But beware, because the leather jacket can go from fashion friend to enemy very quickly.

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Just ask Daniel Craig.

Ignoring the questionable cuff of DC's trousers for a moment, let's focus our attention on the newly-finally-announced 007's top half, in which he seems to have chosen a blazer made out of leather for a nice walk around NYC.

A leather blazer.

It's a blazer, but made out of leather.

Allow us to demonstrate our feelings on this jacket/blazer/mistake in a handy three-photo sequence.

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Upon closer inspection, it looks like Craig's jacket is actually a Bedford, a three-button style that is blazer-esque, but is unstructured, with smaller lapels and a heftier build. Usually made out of heavy-twill cotton, wool or corduroy, the Bedford is a great jacket option if you want to dress up jeans or chinos in summer, or layer under a longer, heavier coat in autumn/winter. .. but do not buy one in leather.


Here are a couple of more sane alternatives instead.

Acne Studios, Axl Slim-Fit Suede-Panelled Leather Jacket, £1,200, mrporter.com

Engineered Garments, Slim-Fit Woven Cotton Jacket, £320, mrporter.com