Some Quick Style Advice For David Cameron

The ex-PM has apparently worn the same 'casual' shirt since 2011. Here's how he can mix things up a bit now he's a man of leisure

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Navy is one of the most versatile and flattering colours a man can have in his wardrobe, whether you're looking to build a core work uniform or need a solid, simple go-to, you can't really go wrong with a dark shade of blue.

But there are limits, as demonstrated by former PM David Cameron, who has apparently been seen on holiday in the same short-sleeved blue shirt since 2011.

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We understand that dressing well for a holiday is no easy feat, especially when you're the leader of a free nation, but you've washed your hands of all that now Dave. Your days can be spent in idle irresponsible leisure, so why not try and mix it up? At least a bit...

To be fair, at least Dave isn't sporting graphic t-shirts or a Magaluf vest, but maybe try and throw some colour or print into your rotation? Or, if you're feeling really bold, opt for an on-trend and summer appropriate collarless number.

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