Barack Obama Is Taking Post-Presidency Style To Relaxed (And Risky) New Heights

Style status: Out of Office

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Having left the flaming plane crash that is current American politics far behind him, ex-president Barack Obama has been busy catching up on lost time, with his retirement plan so far consisting of going on holiday; getting paid lots of money to write a book; getting paid lots of money to have a chat with some bankers and generally having a chilled out time.

And he's certainly dressing the part now, too.

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Attending a global food summit in Milan this week, Barry pushed the business casual dress code to the limit, opting for - and (just about) pulling off - the always-risky no tie and two buttons undone look.

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While we'd typically suggest no more than one button undone when choosing to go tieless, especially when you're addressing a room full of executives and leaders, we think that Obama is entitled a little bit of time for style experimentation, seeing as he's spent the past eight years locked inside a grey suit and blue tie.

Just never, ever... ever go for three buttons undone, even if you are a chilled out ex-leader.