Trump Mismatched A Navy Suit Jacket With Black Suit Trousers And Everybody Noticed

More crimes against fashion from the POTUS

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In addition with struggling to wear a tie or a watch properly, President of the United States Donald Trump appears to be struggling with the basics of tailoring. You know: like making sure your suit jacket and pants match.

The White House yesterday released a photograph of The Donald meeting with senator Tim Scott, captioned: "President Trump remains committed to positive race relations..."

So focused was Trump on appearing not to be a white supremacist, he appeared to mix up two different suits, pairing a navy jacket with black trousers. If you're going for separates Don, that's really not the way to go.

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Many people have pointed out the outrage that ensued among Republican commentators in 2014 when former president Barack Obama had the audacity to wear a tan suit. At least that one matched.

No response from Trump yet, but we imagine he'll say there were very fine parts on both sides of the suit.