The bespokesman: 18 sartorial resolutions for 2011

Despite our best intentions - if not our best efforts - our new year's resolutions regularly fall by the wayside before January's up. This year, we're determined to see our resolutions through, with particular focus on those with a sartorial ilk, outlined here by Esquire's tailoring expert, the Bespokesman.

1 Buy more suits, having spent 2010 commissioning tweed jackets and blazers.

2 Work out how to coordinate colourful pocket squares with outfits.

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3 Nonchalantly wear more bow ties.

4 Have a smoking jacket by the start of December, having resolved the velvet/ needle corduroy dilemma and settled on a colour.

5 Take the half dozen shirts I own with imperfect sleeve lengths to be adjusted.

6 Procure a couple of metres of denim from Cone Mills in North Carolina and send it to Salvatore Ambrosi in Naples so that he can make what will, in theory, be the world’s finest jeans.

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7 Buy a field coat from Chrysalis in time for next winter’s unexpected cold snap.

8 Find a hat shop, somewhere in Mittel Europe, that sells fur hats that aren’t entirely ridiculous.

9 Struggle down to deepest Fulham to see David Saxby and order more vibrantly-coloured linen trousers that appear to made of flax curtain fabric.

10 Get in touch with Atelier Rondini in St Tropez and investigate their made-to-order flip-flops.

11 Find out how to buy vintage watches with confidence.

12 Consider whether I can really wear the bright Kenyan knitwear, made by Polo Ralph Lauren, that goes on sale in February.

13 Find someone in the UK who sells Pakistani tribal wedding coats like the one Prince Charles is said to garden in.

14 Wait for the Pakeman, Catto & Carter sale to start and then order three pairs of moleskin trousers. Actually, make that two, I’m not sure about the claret colour.

15 Work out what, this summer, will replace the boat shoe on the feet of the country’s men.

16 Order some checked shirts in Acorn Fabrics’ Kendal cloths (a brushed 80% cotton - 20% wool mix), having first checked that they will be machine washable.

17 Buy a blue trilby to wear with grey suits. And have the bottle to wear it.

18 Finally order some pyjamas in fine batiste cotton from Budd of Piccadilly.

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