Here's Mickey Rourke In Quite Possibly The Strangest Outfit Of All Time

Best dressed man... ever?

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There's something about Los Angeles that seems to block off celebrity style receptors. Guys who usually look sharp AF on the red carpet or the frigid streets of London and NYC suddenly turn into macha-stained tracksuit-wearing slobs as soon as they spend more than an hour beneath that humourless sun.

What we're trying to say is that we're used to millionaire celebrities dressing badly in L.A., but this, this is something else entirely.

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Mickey Rourke has just created his own genre of dressing badly. Dressing so badly that he's almost come full circle and become a style icon.

Which way is up again?

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This the kind of outfit to make you get up from your chair, silently walk across the office, take the lift downstairs, out into the grey cacophony of the city and just keep walking and walking and walking. It's the kind of outfit that can't be critiqued because it's obviously so...


Because this is only the tip of the Mickey Rourke bizzaro L.A. street style iceberg. Mickey Rourke has turned dressing badly into an art form. Mickey Rourke knows where to buy red leather cowboy boots and cropped knit hoodies with purple zips.

Mickey Rourke owns one t-shirt that just barely hides his nipples. And he loves it.

Mickey Rourke is a 65-year-old man dressing like 2004-era Nicole Ritchie and gives absolutely zero f**ks about the whole exercise. Most guys become smarter as they age; growing more comfortable with experience, wealth and decades of knowing what materials and shapes work best for them.

Mickey Rourke says, actually, I'm not going to play any of those games. I'm going to wear Ed Hardy and dress like 'Dirty' Christina Aguilera and there's absolutely nothing anyone can say or do to stop me.

And you'd be right, Mickey. There's not.

You... you do you?