Three of the Best Cable Knit Jumpers

A menswear essential, a good cable knit is to the wardrobe what milk and eggs are to the fridge. You need a few of them and you'll need good versions, not that 'value range' rubbish - everyone can tell the difference.

A good chunky jumper will allow you to slim down in other areas, namely your coat. The other upside is that a crew neck version will usually be too warm to be worn with a shirt, allowing you to wear a t-shirt instead. Great if you can't deal with the dilemma of layering on a bleary-eyed morning.

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How to wear it

Your cable knit will be pretty warm so, unless you're a fan of sweating on the way to work, you'll want to wear a slightly slimmer coat to compensate. Think of a lined mac coat to keep you protected from the rain rather than the usual chunky parka. As for elsewhere, keep it simple. A pair of indigo jeans or navy trousers will suit a cable jumper just fine. Finish off with rain ready thick soled shoes or classy trainers.

Most Popular

Howlin' by Morrison

Mixing two trends into one, this jumper mixes the cable pattern with a flecked knit, creating something that'll stand out from the crowd. It's also made in Ireland, which is something you can bring up to a bartender when you're ordering a Guinness. We're sure they'll be riveted by that tale.

End, £155

Archie Foal
This one's not for the faint hearted. In a bright red shade, this Archie Foal jumper mixes and matches different cable patterns to create a classic with a tweak.

Present, £175


The classy option, you can't go wrong with a grey jumper. This one from G.R.P. is the most office ready from our selection, perfectly suited for wear with navy flannel trousers and suede chukka boots.

The Bureau, £145