Jude Law for Dior

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Not even the fact that he was making a Dior advert (it only needed to be pretty) could prevent Guy Ritchie from making his star, Jude Law, sound like Mike Reid with a throat infection. Though, we imagine that's what the brains behind France's reigning Fashion house were expecting when they conscripted in the Brit director to direct the feature-length advert behind their latest fragrance.

Joining the aftershave ad hall of fame, Ritchie now stands alongside directorial greats including Martin Scorsese - who recently created the Bleu de Chanel campaign - and Aussie director Baz Luhrmann. Ritchie has cooked up a brooding, film noir-inspired tale which contrasts the (hatefully good looking) Cockney charms of Jude Law and his perfect-fitting Dior Homme suit with the seductive bra-less-ness of his Hitchcock blonde counterpart. Frivolous and sexy, though somehow distinctly Ritchie, (must be the Cockney) the film - in the words of Dior - "Is reminiscent of the new wave; its style, its energy, its free style".