The best-dressed grand tour: Day two

It's day two on our search for Britain's best-dressed man, and things are well underway. Having spent this morning trawling the - remarkably well-dressed - streets of Bristol, we've arrived in Birmingham. And, despite a painful trek up the M5, we're about to hit the Bullring in search of best in show.

Bristol, with it's honeyed architecture and well-put-together residents will be a tough act to follow. Clifton village, on the outskirts of the city, proved particularly fruitful, with plenty of pocket squares, innovative socks and intelligent layering combinations to play with.

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Birmingham, though bigger and brasher (you don't see many tower blocks in Bristol) holds an array of well-dressed guys in store, so we'll be hitting the streets tonight in search of Britain's best-dressed man. If you think you've got what it takes, keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook to discover our exact whereabouts for the rest of the evening.