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Bomber Jackets

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The bomber jacket is a classic, and it's back in a big way. But with so much out there, you'll need someone to weed through it all. That'll be us then. 
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Just below the leather biker jacket in the rebellion stakes, the bomber jacket has been on every hero and anti-hero in recent history. Whether it's Ryan Gosling in Drive, Steve McQueen riding in pretty much everything or Alain Delon as Eddie Pedak in Once A Thief (above), it's a certified, timeless staple.
So here's three of the best, ranging from the luxury to the utilitarian.
1 The Luxe Bomber
Made from a soft leather and nubuck suede sleeves, it doesn't take a genius to guess that this is the luxury option. COS, the high class offshoot of H&M, usually create at least one great jacket every season. They've topped themselves this year, making a jacket so nice our main worry is whether we'll ever dare to wear it outside.
2 The Classic Bomber
Baracuta has been making Harrington bomber jackets since 1937 and have been worn by Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen (yes, him again) amongst a host of other luminaries. We could go on, but frankly, that's all the endorsement this jacket needs.
3 The Workwear Bomber
Finishing off the trio is workwear influenced french label Bleu De Paname. They've not taken the overly literal route most workwear labels make (read: making clothes that make us look like train drivers from the '20s). Instead they make interesting clothes in hardwearing fabrics. Alain Delon himself would definitely have approved.