Ryan Gosling's Inside Out T-Shirt

Ryan Gosling introduces: Your New Summer Look.

You bought the suit from Crazy, Stupid, Love, the ukulele from Blue Valentine and the driving gloves/watch/leather jacket with scorpion motif combo from Drive (perfect for popping down Sainsbury’s in your Honda Civic). Now, dedicated followers of Gosling, brace yourselves for another style paradigm shift.

The Place Beyond the Pines, director Derek Cianfrance’s terrific multi-generational follow-up to Blue Valentine, is set in Schenectady (which means "the place beyond the pine plains" in Mohawk), New York and stars Gosling as Handsome Luke, a peroxide-blond stunt bike rider-cum-paternal bank robber with a penchant for homemade tattoos. Yes, he wears sunglasses indoors, but his style USP is less hazardous: a ratty old band T-shirt.

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Great! You’re probably thinking. A trend you can pull off, and for which you already have what you need lurking in the back of your underwear drawer. Only be warned — to do the full Gosling, you have to wear yours inside out: right-way-round and you’re in danger of looking like Beavis or Butthead; back-to-front and you’re in Kris Kross territory.

The Place Beyond the Pines is out on 12 April

Words by Jim Merrett