Street Style Special: How To Wear The Broken-Up Suit

How to wear one of the biggest trends from London Collections: Men

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This week's LC:M S/S15 continued with the growing influence of broken-up tailoring - a look which combines contrasting colours, fabrics and patterns for a truly individual take on smart.

The art of doing it well comes from pulling together different elements of your wardrobe for a look that works for you.

Here's 6 ways to do it as seen during London Collections: Men this week.


London Collections: Street Style Special
London Collections: Men S/S '15 – Day Two Report
London Collections: Men S/S '15 – Day Three Report

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1 Break It Up With Different Shades
A jacket and trouser combination in different shades of the same colour - one muted, one brighter - is a surefire way to succeed in the broken up suit game.

2 Break It Up With Fabrics
Contrasting fabrics in a smilar tone can also work well, as this linen and cotton combo shows.
3 Break It Up With Pattern
A check or subtly-patterned jacket paired with plain trousers can bring a mixed up tailoring look to life. Also works in reverse if played with a little caution.

4 Break It Up With a Casual Shirt
How about this? A formal summer double-breasted pinstripe, worn with a chambray shirt. Proof that style is always individual and no corner of your wardrobe should be off-limits. Well, apart from the swimwear section.

5 Break It Up With Accessories
There's plenty of extra elements outside of the shirt and trousers to consider when planning your own take on modern tailoring. You can overdo it of course so trust your instincts.

6 Break It Up With Denim
There's always the double denim suit if you're feeling brave. Might not work for everyone of course so play to your strengths.

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