Watch This Spot-on Parody Of Men's Style Films That Take Themselves Too Seriously

It was a genre ripe for parody – and these guys have delivered

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If you've often found a certain type of menswear style advice videos to be a little too full of smug men with angular glasses and even more angular haircuts, then you need to watch these new promo videos for Bicester Village which nicely send up the whole successful man cliché, adding some much-needed humour into the genre.

Created by Just So, the campaign features three videos – architect (above), DJ (below) and artist – and is launched to mark the opening of seven new menswear outlets at Bicester including Balenciaga, Givenchy, Hunter and Mont Blanc accessories.

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"We wanted to make the point that shopping for luxury brands doesn't have to be intimidating and inaccessible," Richard Ascott of Just So told us. "Some depictions of menswear take themselves a little too seriously and we felt were ripe for parody so it was fantastic to be able to have some fun with this."