The Best Wireless Headphones To Stick It To Apple With

​No headphone port? No problem. Turn the iPhone 7's latest 'innovation' to your advantage by investing in a pair of top-notch wireless headphones

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Best for… comfort

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Following on from their successful P5 Wireless Bluetooth headphones, B&W have now cut the chord on their premium P7s, giving a wireless option for serious bass fans. Battery life is excellent – 17 hours on a full charge via USB, enough for a week's worth of commuting according to B&W. They give a clean, rich sound with the emphasis on the aforementioned bass (they handle electronic music particularly well). Constructed from aluminium, sheep leather and memory foam earcups they look and fell super-luxurious. As well they might - they're B&W's most expensive cans.

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Best for… audiophiles

Audeze Sine Lighting Edition

The Audeze Sine Lighting Edition use technology called planar magnetics. Instead of the classic vibrating diaphragm cone found in most speakers (including headphones), sound signals are sent through a coil of ultra-thin wire, creating a magnetic field that reacts with a magnet it's set into. Less moving parts mean less resistance and a cleaner sound, goes the thinking. These headphones also have a lighting adapter Cipher cable allowing your iPhone to power an in-built 24-bit DAC, resulting in audiophile-quality sound. The first headphones to do so, this is a clever pice of kit.


Best for… runners

Beoplay H5 by B&O Play

B&O Play have shrunk their impeccable audio know-how into the attractively-priced H5s. Beautifully designed, they feature clever magnetic buds that clip together, meaning you can wear them round your neck when they're not in use (the buds double as charging ports). The aluminium, fabric and rubber construction manages to combine sporty with chic, and they've just added a new moss colourway to their existing black and dusty rose (i.e.: pink) portfolio. They power down when not in use, saving battery life: another clever idea.


Best for… travelling

Denon AH-GC20

Active noise cancelling is the big sell here, making these a good option for frequent fliers and travellers. You can communicate wirelessly with your smartphone, tablet etc while the memory foam ear pads cut out ambient sound using noise-specific volume control. There's also a premium microphone, so hands-free calling is possible too. Lighter than they look, they pack a powerful set of 40mm drivers. They've been around for about 18 months now, so shop around – it's possible to pick up a pair for less than the RRP.


Best for… all-day use

Senheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless 

Wireless, noise-cancelling, in-line mic/ remote-featuring headphones with high-end ball joints that mean you pivot the cups to suit your face shape: Senheiser's updated Momentum 2.0 Wireless are a fantastic all-rounder. The retro looks might not be to everyone's taste but constructing both headband and the ear pads from super-soft breathable material mean they stay comfortable for long periods, and will suit the office commute as well as laid-back home listening.