App of the week - Muji on the move

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We can't get enough of Muji here at Esquire. The ultimate stop for last minute gifts - who knew Grandma wanted a minature wooden model set of Tokyo for Christmas? - and the brand behind one of the greatest designs of the past few decades (the gloriously simple wall-mounted cd player-come-speaker FYI) Muji has just launched its latest design innovation, and this time it's screen-based.

Which, we're relieved to reveal, isn't a dissapointment. Not a disappointment in the slightest (we must say, we were a little worried that Muji's tactile essence would be lost in digitisation). In fact, it's rather wonderful. Designed for both the iPhone and the iPad, Muji have this week launched a series of three apps (a fourth is available to Japanese customers) in a bid to "Mujify" every aspect of your life.

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Featuring a Muji calendar - which does what it says on it's beautifully designed tin - the Muji Notebook - which, using the brand's distinctive range of stationary allows users to draw, write and annotate as if putting pen to paper - and, last but not least, Muji "To Go" - which covers everything from time and weather to currencies - the apps are an essential download for any global citizen worth his salt.

For more information regarding the apps simply watch the video above, or visit Muji's app minisite

Words by Teo van den Broeke