Lamborghini Egoista - The Car That's Inspired by an Apache Helicopter

Lamborghini don't do understated. Their last Aventador spin-off was pretty out there but the new Egoista, announced as part of their 50th birthday activities, is on another level.

Given their current form, it won't be long before we stop recognising new Lamborgini models as cars at all.

Egoista means selfish in Italian and with only one seat, this car is definitely for people with an ego bigger than the V10 engine. If the apache-helicopter-inspired design and orange detailing wasn't enough to get attention, drivers need to remove the steering wheel and climb over the bodywork just to get out.

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There are no instruments - just a heads-up display, but the on the plus side, drivers are encased in a removable survival cell should something go badly wrong turning out of the McDonald's Drive-Thru.

Fancy one, unlucky. Lamborghini has made it clear the Egoista isn't for sale. Selfish.

It's also worth watching the not-at-all-OTT official launch film: