Why This Bike Is Worth £6k Of Your Money (It's Got Something To Do With Drag)

For £6k, you could get a half decent bike with a motor attached to it, even a second-hand family-sized car but that’s not really the point.

Made by Swiss bike manufacturer BMC - and you know how those guys are about their time keeping - the new Timemachine TMR01 Ultegra Di2 Double 2013 to give it its full name, actually rides faster than the wind.

In terms of aerodynamics, the company claims that the (super-stiff carbon fibre, naturally) frame creates 21 per cent less drag than the bike that Cadel Evans won the 2011 Tour de France on (also a BMC).

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It also boasts Shimano’s Di2 electronic gearset, routed cables (the brakes are tucked away in the forks and frame), and, in case you hadn’t noticed, looks somewhere between a Lamborghini (for whom BMC actually made a bike in honour of the carmaker's 50th anniversary) and a stealth bomber (for whom, as far as we know, BMC don’t).

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