OnBeat's Solar-Powered Headphones Charge Your iPhone While You Walk

Smartphones are an excellent way to store and listen to your favourite music, with one notable flaw: their rubbish battery life.

Embark on a long train journey, tackle a full marathon or attempt to work your way through the Bob Dylan back catalogue and the world is likely fall prematurely silent, which is why these new solar-paneled headphones from OnBeat could be a godsend.

Fitted with solar panels on the headband which connect to two lithium ion batteries in the ears, once connected to your phone, they'll charge it as you're on the move - providing the sky is doing its part.

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The headphones are designed by audio engineer Andrew Anderson, meaning the sound quality should be good, too.

The OnBeat headphones are expected to retail at £119. You can get more information on their Kickstarter page here.