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Tide Light

Ever wanted a lamp that looks like a bulb? Us neither. But now it's been invented, we're amazed noone's done it earlier. 

Entitled 'Tide Light', it was created by designer Pierre Favresse. Favresse has been around the design block (in a good way). Until two years ago, he worked with Mathieu Lehanneur, a French designer who's created projects ranging from Cartier to Nike.

It was an experience that set Favresse off on the right track, launching his own studio in 2010 and winning a designer of the year award in 2011. His latest role is as the art director of Habitat.

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The Tidelight is inspired by car headlights and, specifically, 'diffraction'. And if you want to impress your friends at the pub later, diffraction is when a beam of light is spread out by passing through a narrow opening (AKA how car headlights work).

All this adds up to a show stopping lamp that'll work well in either living or bedroom. Keep it out of the kitchen for obvious reasons - tripping over it while doing your best Heston Blumenthal impression would be hazardous. (£345, I/Object)