Dutch Architects Construct The First Ever 3D Printed House

Coming soon ...in 2018

If you think 3D printing is a farce, a fad or complete and utter nonsense you might want to think again.

The clever clogs (sorry) over at DUS Architects in Amsterdam have begun work on the first ever-3D printed house, using the world’s biggest 3D printer, the Kamermaker (that’s “Room Printer” to you and I).

Envisioned as a canal house, blueprints for the room are planned out and printed using a normal sized machine, and then replicated with the Kamermaker.

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Work is to continue on through to 2018, with rooms said to be torn down and rebuilt as 3D printing technology improves.

The construction is currently a tourist attraction, so if you’re in, or heading over to Amsterdam anytime soon, you can purchase a ticket for a mere €2.50.



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