The Headphones Designed For Serious Clubbers

Pioneer's new premium cans are aimed squarely at the experts

Call it the Avicii Effect: in 2014 more and more home stereo equipment is being manufactured with dance music in mind. April's launch of the Spaced360 portable wireless speaker was accompanied by tie-ins with DJs and shout-outs from MixMag - something that certainly set it apart from Bang And Olufsen.

Now Pioneer have launched a premium line of headphones targeted at clubbers.

To be fair, the company have previous form in this area, having manufactured the equipment for DJ booths for years. Both the over-ear SE-MX9 and the over-ear SE-MX7, then, are designed to "deliver the same bass impact as can be heard and felt on the dance floor".

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And while the pedantic might suggest that would surely depend what dancefloor you happened to be on – a couple of jumbo jets strapped to your ears would struggle to match the state-of-the-art soundsystem in the Berghain club in Berlin, for example – we found the bass on the SE-MX9s, powered by twin high-performance 50mm drivers, to be genuinely impressive for headphones in this price bracket.

Add in a build modelled on the famous HDJ-2000 headphones still used today by DJs all around the world, plus the smart copper colourway and we're sold. Your move, Beats by Dre.

SE-MX9 retail at £249, SE-MX7 at £169;