Unnecessary Extravagance Of The Week: The Kormaran

The accessory you didn't know you needed for your super yacht

Looking for a new tender for your luxury yacht? No, us neither. But if we were, we might be tempted by this: the Kormaran. 

It's made with state-of-the art hydrofoils that reduce water resistance by up to 80 per cent – in other words, it hits greater speeds at a lower cost to the environment – and functions as either a catamaran or a trimaran.

Developed in Germany and made out of carbon fibre and stainless steel with leather interiors, the vehicle can also be set to "bathing mode", which sees the front transform into a sunbathing deck – ideal for when you've exhausted yourself from jolting around at its top speed of 70mph.

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Oh, and it looks exceptionally cool, too!


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