Matt Damon Has Somehow Grown A Man Bun In Less Than A Month (And We're Suspicious)

​What kind of black magic is this, Matt?

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Matt Damon: Esquire cover star, legendary Chinese soldier and now some sort of inexplicable follicle warlock, because - and I hope you're ready for this - he has somehow grown a luxuriant man bun in less than a month.

Yes, that is Matt Damon. And yes, he has a man bun.
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Attending the press conference for Jason Bourne in Beijing on 16 August, you can quite clearly see Matt sporting 2014's hottest hairstyle. But disregarding the incongruous timing of it all for a moment, what is most strange is how quickly Matt has been able to sprout such a glossy mane.

Matt Damon, pre man bun Matt Damon
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Take the above image for instance, which shows Matt in New York on 28  July, very clearly sans man bun. We cannot stress to you how clear it is in the above image that Matt Damon does not have a man bun, and yet a mere 20 days later he does... 

He quite clearly does now have a man bun.

So far there has been no official word from Matt over the murky origins of his controversial new cut, but we're expecting some sort of press conference addressing it very soon. 

In the meantime, though, you can follow all essential Matt Damon ponytail updates on its official Twitter page.

What a world we live in.