Essential Shaving Tips - 3 Steps To The Perfect Shave

Our guide to achieving the perfect shave couldn't be simpler. Instead of having to change your grooming routine, all you need for the best results is to follow these three simple steps. In the same way as your wardrobe develops throughout the year, so should your grooming routine. The time-invested thatch that kept your face warm over winter becomes more of a burden in the summer, when the clean-shaven jawline should take centre stage. Eli Ankutse of men's grooming retailers Niven & Joshua offers his three simple rules to getting the smoothest shave possible.

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1 Use a Pre-shave Oil

A pre-shave oil is the fastest way to improve the quality of your shave; just a few drops massaged into your beard area can make a big difference on the results. The extra lubrication provided by the oil allows the razor blade to glide smoothly through hairs while protecting the skin. eShave’s Orange Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil combines the relaxing and anti-ageing properties of Sandalwood Oil with pH balancing properties from Orange Extract to balance and tone skin.

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eShaves Orange Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil, £18.00 for 59ml

2 Use a Shaving Brush

Using a shaving brush exfoliates your skin to allow the blade to make cleaner contact with the hairs, hence giving you a closer, more rewarding shave. The perfect brush to set you on your way is British brand Simpsons who have been making brushes since 1919. Simpsons natural only use selected Chinese Badger Hair, which is sorted, dressed and sterilised by a London firm whose origins date back to the 16th Century.

Simpsons Shaving brushes, £16

3 Use a ‘Naked’ Blade

A great way to improve the closeness of your shave is to use a naked blade. Not only does it ensure a direct blade contact with the hairs, it also puts you in complete control of the blade  although this can obviously have its drawbacks. While the straight razor provides arguably the closest shave, a perfect ‘compromise’ is a safety-razor, which uses an open blade but prevents any serious injury and avoids the need for blood transfusions. A good razor to begin with is the R106 from Solingen-based Muhle; it’s ease of use and balance is perfect for those making the transition from cartridge razor to safety.

Muhle R106£25

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