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Spring Clean Your Routine

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Longer spring days and lighter nights have their drawbacks - your general level of grooming is about to come under greater scrutiny. 

Thankfully there are ways to get you visually ‘match fit’ for the spring season. Grooming expert Eli Ankutse of Niven & Joshua picks five products to help you on your way:


1 Lab Series Power Brightening Serum+ DR4
As the days get longer and brighter there is more opportunity for you to socialise in the sunshine where blemishes are suddenly more visible.

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Part of a new range of skin brightening products from Lab Series, this water-light concentrated treatment targets dark spots and evens up skin tone and texture for brighter, healthier and - dare I say it - more youthful. (£46, Labseries)



2 RetaW Barney Fragrance Liquid
Spring cleaning means many things to many people but one aspect is the annual refreshing of your wardrobe.

Rather than relocating your entire wardrobe to the washing machine, Japanese brand retaW have created an antibacterial mist to eliminate odours from clothes.

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This particular scent - Barney - is a season-fresh mix of lavender, eucalyptus and bergamot. The Fragrance Liquid builds on the concept of layering your scent and can also be used to freshen-up trainers, and furnishings like curtains, carpet, and bedcovers. (£15, Niven & Joshua)




3 Molton Brown Kalahari Melon Cleansing Fluid Cleanser for Dry Skin
If you take the time to apply a product on your skin, you want it to work. Moisturisers and serums work best when in direct contact with your skin, so it’s imperative that your skin is properly cleansed before they are applied; this includes the invisible layer of dirt that everyday life leaves on your skin.

The Cleansing Fluid from Molton Brown uses the Fatty acids from Kalahari melon seed oil to gently cleanse and protect your skin from age accelerating pollutants. (£25, Molton Brown)


4 Comme des Garcons Eau de Parfum
Comme des Garcons have a penchant for unusual, synthetic scents and their latest offering is a great example. With a scent described as a mix of ‘Brown Sticky tape, Industrial Glue and Lilac Flower Oxides’, you would be forgiven for erring on the side of caution.

That said, the resulting natural spray is fresh and distinctive with a crisp, floral edge making it a perfect accompaniment the hue of this season. A scent for those that like to stand out - in a good way. (£87, Niven & Joshua)



5 Nickel Silicon valley by Night
The idea of working while you sleep is a concept that appeals to most men; you don’t actually have to do anything apart from wake up and see the results. To cover the night shift and help get your skin spring ready, the Nickel night cream boosts your skin’s ability to repair itself at night.

The night cream tones skin, improves elasticity, hiding the dreaded signs of fatigue and ensuring you wake up to younger looking supple skin in the morning. (£49.50, Niven & Joshua)

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