How To Get The Mark Ronson Blow-Dry

...and five products you need to perfect the look

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When Mark Ronson DJ’d at The Monaco Grand Prix Tag Heuer/McLaren-Honda yacht party this summer, his glamorous companions were Cara Delevingne, and a towering, voluminous, blow-dried quiff. Wearing an electric-blue, double-breasted blazer and T-shirt, Ronson looked suave but edgy; Riviera chic with altitude. Ronson’s look was made by his blow-dry.

The blow-dry is the first statement hairstyle to make a statement in a long time. For more than a decade, men’s hair has been channelling austerity and hard-times: think no-nonsense short back and sides and military-grade crops. The age of the hard-edged haircut, however, is over.

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A blow-dry looks edgy and elegant all at once. Consider Richard Gere’s demi-volume Eighties dry blowie from American Gigolo. Voluminous sides are key, no longer clippered, but full and sleek. The dry finish is even more critical. Dry hair is the new debonair look.

Those who worry that dry-look volume is fay should consider The Sopranos, or the latter scenes of Casino; there’s nothing feminine about those leisure-suited, head-breaking hard-nuts. Or Clint Eastwood, who’s sported an array of alpha blow-dries, especially in the Dirty Harry films. Currently, actors Patrick Dempsey and Chris Hemsworth are working some sterling blow-dry action.

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“The past few years have seen slicked-back pompadours and stylised quiffs, but now the blow-dry is the perfect antidote to the short back and sides, and a bold move [for men’s hair],” says Joe Mills, of London barber Joe & Co. “Grow out the fade to a longer length. The blow-dry is about glamour, with some peacock ‘look at me’ factor. It also embraces taking care of yourself, and not being scared to show it. The bigger the hair, the bigger the statement.

Here's how to blow your top in style, by Joe Mills of Joe & Co, Soho, London;


1 | For the perfect blow-dry, wash and towel-dry your hair.

2 | Apply a tangerine sized amount of mousse into damp hair. Using a nozzle on your hairdryer on the hottest and strongest setting, angle the air from front to back with the nozzle at a horizontal angle.

3 | Using your brush, pull through from front to back. Do the same with the sides until it is all dry.

4 | If you want more volume, then tip your head upside down and aim the airflow at the roots. Lift your head and finish with Kevin Murphy Session Spray.


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