The Ultimate No-Nonsense Training Circuit For Getting Fit Fast

The simple routine that will get serious results

You know the guy, the one who bangs on about how he’s found a new high-intensity, mega-calorie-burning, miracle-muscle-building exercise class — and it only takes 15 minutes!

The truth is, as Esquire’s personal trainer explains, “circuit training is not new; it’s just been repackaged. Despite it being something of a fitness fad, it’s a fantastic way to work out, but you don’t need to pay crazy hourly rates in an über-cool gym packed with sweaty, heaving bodies. You can create your own circuit that’s tailored to your gym, your goals and your pace.”

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The Rules

• You must warm up and cool down. Five minutes at a medium pace on the cross-trainer before and after will do fine.

• Perform 10–15 reps on each exercise. If you are feeling really exhausted, just push out as many as you can before moving on.

• Always strive for a consistent effort. Try and lift at least 70 per cent of your capability on each exercise.

• After each round of exercises you must run 1km on a treadmill at 80 per cent of your maximum pace. Then rest for 2mins before repeating the circuit again.

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• Never continue exercising once your form has gone. That’s how you’ll accidentally injure yourself.

The Circuit

Do three to five rounds, depending on your fitness level.

1 | Dumbbell front squats
Hold two dumbbells on the front of your shoulders. Squat down, with back straight. Drive up to the start and repeat for 10-15.

2 | Standing shoulder press
Dumbbells at shoulder height, press overhead, with abs braced. Repeat.

3 | Wide grip pull-ups
Pull up until your chin touches the bar. Lower under control to the start. Repeat.

4 | Flat bench press
In bench press position, lower the bar to one inch above your chest. Repeat.

5 | Barbell deadlift
Let the barbell slide down your body, bending forward at the waist. Drive hips forward and stand up to the start position.


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