My Style Rules: Lacoste Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista

Fresh from designing Team France's Olympic outfits, the Portuguese shares his wisdom on dressing well

With the French Olympic uniforms, I tried to create something true to the Olympic spirit but that will also suit the parade, the medal award ceremony and the village.

I love clothes that have a purpose, whether it's for the military or sports. Function and comfort. That's what I always go back to.

Fashion's current trend for mixing sportswear with tailoring makes me very happy. I think it's relevant to how people dress now. I actually don't think it's just a trend: I think it's a sociological thing.

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The one item I'd save if my house was on fire? It's a trench coat.

Every man should own a pair of white jeans and a perfect white t-shirt. Keep it simple.

One thing I hate is when people wear the collar up on polo shirts. It can look good on a jacket but a polo? No.

My favourite footwear is a pair of very minimal white trainers.

I don't know what I would have been if I hadn't discovered fashion. I debated becoming an architect or a photographer for a long time. But then fashion appeared, like a light bulb had been switched on. From that point on I tried to be very disciplined.

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What inspires me? Art. The allure of people. Stories. I reference a lot of stuff.

The best part of my job is the beginning, when anything is possible and you're sketching your idea. Then of course at the end when you unveil things: that's the cherry on the cake.

My favourite time to dress is winter, when it's raining.

The best advice I can offer anyone who wants to dress well is to just to be themselves. Sometimes you can meet someone who's very stylish and they're just wearing odd bits and bobs. It's all a question of confidence and attitude.

What do you think?

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